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NGL Marketing Services

Southwest Energy is your turn-key solution to address the difficult questions surrounding all of your NGL needs. With extensive working knowledge of the asset grid, the relationships forged with both the traditional operators of the NGL infrastructure and the end users consuming purity NGL products enables us to aid our clientele in optimizing the logistics chain and increase their netback associated with the sale of these products.

Southwest Energy works with producers, private equity providers, and midstream operators to purchase and market all natural gas liquids from the tailgate of the gas processing plant (or trucked from treating plants), controlled by the customer. The following ancillary services are offered by Southwest:

  • Eliminate line fill and common stream reconciliations, keeping customer cash flows clean
  • Schedule and sell all y-grade and purity products in a fashion devoid of imbalance or credit risk
  • Fundamental Market analysis
  • Negotiation services to ensure maximum optionality in service agreements
  • Economic optimization of gas processing plants (Ethane recovery vs. rejection)
  • Price management (identifying purity product exposures)
  • A&D analysis of Marketing Agreements
  • Premium relationships with trucking providers ensure reliable product takeaway

Southwest Energy’s physical product capabilities combined with superior customer service and market knowledge make it the right choice for all of your NGL Marketing needs.

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SWE’s goal is to seek out quality business, while building long-term mutually beneficial relationships with each customer.


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